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    Backup whilst tethering in lightroom


      Hi all

      I would like lightroom to be backing up to an external hard drive whilst i'm tethering from a D7000 Nikon.

      Any ideas how i can do this?

      If the facility isn't available why is this?

      I see this as a pretty basic facility and would be very surprised if this isn't possible,


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          RikkFlohr Adobe Community Professional

          You would need to find an app-based solution that watches and backs up a folder (Hazel comes to mind) as the Tethering dialog doesn't provide for an automatic backup like Import does.

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            JKphoto2901 Level 1

            Lets hope this is some development for lightroom in the future!

            Many thanks for your suggestion, though if i read correctly this is for mac users? I am a windows user.

            For the meantime it seems I will have to cope with running my SyncToy software regularly though eventually I do hope to have a system that will reassure me I have an immediate backup, Unfortunately doing the level and speed of processing i'm doing every extra click means pricey seconds of time.