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    How text appears on page using an inkjet printer vs. Postcript




      I use Adobe Postcript fonts in my InDesign documents, and I like the way they look on a printed page when I use a Postscript printer.


      When I print a document on an inkjet printer the text looks blotchy and bloated, with the letters poorly formed. 


      In my work I export the InDesign documents I write to a .pdf file and email them to the people I work for.  When they print the documents it looks as bad on their inkjet printer as it does on mine.


      It is what they are used to and they don't complain, and truth be told the inkjet-printed documents do not look terrible, but they don't look nearly as good as when they are printed on a Postcript printer.


      Is there a way, a preference setting perhaps, that I can make adjustments in the document so that the inkjet version looks as good as the Postscript version?


      Thank you,