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    Globalisation / Localisation of Robohelp Files


      I am currently producing a help file for an ECM system which needs to be globalised. I know I can change the language of the project, but I need to be able to include all languages into the one project, so that the language of the users computer is matched by the robohelp file language file. This is a requirement from the powers that be. The actual text is not translated by us, just having the ability to change the language is required.

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          RoboColum(n) Level 5
          Hi alfiejs. The only solutions I can come up with is to either change the project's language setting before you compile or use build tags to include/exclude different spellings of a word. Either way would produce different output files with the correct spelling for the user. Not sure this is much help!!
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            alfiejs Level 1
            Is is possible for the end user to change the robohhre.lng file and html files themselves? (Although this is an easy way out).

            Also, upon further instructions from the powers that be, "We need to make sure that depending on the browser locale setting it will dynamically pull the appropriate languages help file, and fall back to the second/third language choice if unavailable."

            Is this scenario possible? As the application it is for checks the browser locale and chooses an appropriate language.

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              RoboColum(n) Level 5
              Who looks after the project source? You? If not, then technically they could change the language file but they would need a RH licence in order to generate the project output. I'd advise you not to go changing HTML files outside of RH unless you are absolutely 100% sure that those doing the editing know what they are doing. In any case in this scenario, the number of different HTML files that may required editing would negate this solution.