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    launching custom HTML5 UI's in Photoshop CC 2014 (15.2)



      I am trying to get Photoshop CC to launch custom built HTML5 UI’s.  In doing so I have hit a few roadblocks:



      • The documentation online to install and launch HTML5 UI’s from scratch is out-of-date:



      • The supported method, using Adobe Extension Manager CC requires an internet connection, which our network does not (and will not) ever have.


      • The workaround instructions to use a request code from an internet-capable workstation are incomplete



      What I think I need:

      Right now I am blocked from using HTML5 UI’s.  If a rep from adobe could tell me where on my workstation to place unsigned extensions that would be a great first step, and then if they could verify that the registry work-around is still supported with Photoshop CC 2014 (15.2) that would probably unblock me.