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    How to calculate Sub-Totals/Grand Totals on repeating row.

    maya_papaya Level 1

      I have a this form that I need to calculate to produce a Sub-Total....  An end user can keep adding a line item but I would like to be able to add the amounts entered to calculate in a sub-total field.  So basically, I need help with the actual script that would total the amount calculated from a Quantity*Amount  which is -->"Sub Total" column then taking all of those to a new calculating script down to the "Sub-Total" field below it.  I probably should rename them because its too similar..  I've tried the recommended scripts from the forums but just could not get it to work.

      Excuse my editing...but this is what it looks like.  If i need to clean it up so it looks more consistent please let me know if you have any advice.  I just started working on acrobat forms 2 days ago and my eyes have gone blurry from reading the help forums


      and here's the javascript on my "Sub-Total" (Which should probably be renamed to "Total" and my "Total" to "Grand Total".  Any help would be much appreciated.  Thanks!