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    Jumbled Audio


      I have been experiencing an issue in the last two versions of Adobe CC. I first assumed the issue was an export/trans-coding issue but it looks like it might have more to do with audio cache files. Let me explain, here's my workflow: I typically will import a large set of SD mpeg2 video files into After Effects, I run a script that takes their audio and pairs it with an HD usually Mpeg2 video file. Then I'll export the new comps via Media Encoder. I noticed that my output files were randomly displaying audio jumbled/scrambled issues, but then upon closer inspection I noticed that when I previewed the original SD mpeg2 files in After Effects and Premiere Pro, the same issue occurred.  After finding that the original audio files played fine on other editing systems I came to the conclusion that the Adobe install was bad on my machine. So I re-installed and that seemed to fix the issue. But now, I'm experiencing it again. I just cleaned the media cache and restarted and that seems to have worked. This is what is leading me to believe it is a cache problem. I store my cache files all in one folder on a secondary internal raid 0 harddrive. Is there anyway to prevent this problem from cropping up? It's really hard to troubleshoot since it is random. Does it seem like it is a cache issue?


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      Windows 7 Professional

      Intel Xeon CPU

      E5645 @ 2.40GHz 2.39 GHz (2 Processors)

      48.GB RAM

      Dual NVIDIA Quadro 4000

      Matrox MXO2