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    how to add rules?


      I have a form where i need the user to specify which Sector they are installing service on, Alpha, 1, 2, 3, 4 etc it can be multiple like Alpha 1 & Alpha 4 both require installtion on them. Now the RULE i want to apply is:


      If they select Alpha 1 & Alpha 4, it needs to pop up another question for Alpha 1 & Alpha 4 as well, WHAT IS THE FREQUENCY for each of them: choices are 700mhz, 850, mhz, 1900 mhz, 2100mhz, or 2300 mhz. It also can be 2 of these both like Alpha 1 = 700mhz & 1900mhz..


      How can i add these rules, do i have to create a new {PAGE}, then have the choices, or how is this done?