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    CFFTP ignoring variable in DIRECTORY path

      I have an array (list) which names several folders. I use ListGetAt based on the index of the cfloop value to get the name of the folder I want to LISTDIR with CFFTP. I Assign the name of the folder to a variable. Testing shows the assignment of foldername from array works fine. Hardcoding folder name in CFFTP yields desired result. BUT, when I replace all, or part of the DIRECTORY="path" with the folder-name-variable the yield defaults to the root directory as defined by the ftp credentials.

      Why would DIRECTORY="folder/logs/" give me what I want, and DIRECTORY="#folder#/logs" be ignored even when #folder# is clearly defined? I have used variables INSIDE CFFTP before, so I know that works... I am stumped, see attached code for reference; (FYI the "folders" are assigned to the variable called "chamber")