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    "unknown c++   exception" when trying to delete keyframes

    cropher Level 1

      Edge Animate (or at least the latest version) is a mess. I'm trying to animate a symbol, but when i try to delete or copy certain keyframes, i get an error message that says "(unknown c++ exception)".


      This means that when the error occurs, theres no way for me to edit the animation. All I can do is delete the symbol and start again and hope it just works. Which is not really manageable.


      I downloaded and installed the previous EA version, but I cant open the current composition with it, because it says the EA version is too old.


      So I guess the only solution is to just rebuild the composition in the previous version and keep using it until Adobe fixes the issues? Does that make sense or is there better solution?


      Also can anyone confirm that the previous version is less buggy?