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    How to make playout movieclip when mouse click on the button.

      this is example website :: http://www.template-download.net/previews/t498/
      You'll see the button below,

      When you click on button it play movieclip and then when you click on another button it going to play roll out movie and then start to play the new movie clip.

      I think the principle is ... I have 2 button one is DOG button second is BIRD button. I click on dog button it run dog walk in and stop!
      Then I click at bird button dog movieclip play next after thay stop to the end is dog run away and then load bird movie clip is bird come down and stop. and then i click on the dog button again bird flyaway and load god movieclip.

      I think I know that mean but I don't know How to do that ?
      I can't make the movie clip play out ....