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    can you pause the plan?

    tami m

      Can you pause the plan(s) if not using that often or even just 1x / week? Or would it be a by the mont pause or never??



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          Warunicorn Adobe Community Professional

          As part of the original, limited-time "Photoshop Photography Plan," it used to be that if you signed up, you agreed to a year and if you canceled at any point in that year, you'd agree to pay the remaining 50% of the subscription. (e.g., If you quit 6 months within your sub, you'd agree to pay for 3 out of the remaining 6 months.)


          However, since that plan was rebranded as the "Creative Cloud Photography Plan," (because it was made permanent and was so popular) I can no longer find those terms. Either Adobe is being dastardly (unlikely) or they've changed the terms to be more flexible. That's just a personal observation, though. You might want to contact sales if you're not sure.


          In any case, if you were allowed to "pause," it'd probably be by the month only.

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            Silkrooster Adobe Community Professional & MVP

            If you think about it, pausing the plan would be the same as non-payment. As you would not be able to use the apps during that time. So Once the contract time ran out (if there is one) you could either delete the card info or cancel the account. When ready, re-enter the card info or sign back up.

            Some of the plans had a one year contract, so make sure you are not in that time period or frankly I don't know what the consequences would be, but I would assume there must be something.

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              Silkrooster Adobe Community Professional & MVP

              When pausing it would have to be more than 30 days, as that is the time limit until your manager has to verify the account is in good standing. It checks every 30 days.

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                tami m Level 1

                Thank you all.   I let my CS4 go too long with out upgrading, now that I'm on Mavervicks I don't think I can do any upgrades to the old software...  I will more than likely sign up for the 'plan' on a yearly basis. 

                If you have any suggestions I am open to them.  Thank you again, ~Tami