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    Is anyone having problems when generating a fixed format epub file from an InDesign file?




      I am using a Mac version OS 10.9.5 and Adobe CC InDesign


      I have a InDesign file which I have been using to generate a fixed format Epub file. This was generally working really well and I was just fixing up a few strange bits of type (tracking and horizontal scaling seemed to be throwing it) and optimising images to get the best file size.


      However, with the last update of Indesign, the same file doesn't seem to generate Epub files that are in the least bit resembling my InDesign files! The text flows all over the place and its a different font, characters run into each other, text boxes are ignored etc.


      I have gone back to an old file on my archive, just to ensure that this is nothing I have done. However this file too will not generate properly - so it must be something caused by with the latest InDesign update right?


      The document is in small chapters but in its entirety it is 300 pages so I really need your help to find out why it is not now working - as I can't just quickly re-do it. I've got some images, one shows the crazy formatting (which is meant to be fixed format) the other shows how it looks in InDesign.


      If anyone can help that would be really appreciated!