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    Intensity Pro Will Not Work With Mercury Transmit - Only Older Versions Of AE and Premier

    It's Crady! Level 1

      I've gone over the 'solutions' posted in other threads but I still can't get an output, even in Premiere, under Windows 7 Ultimate 64 the Intensity Pro absolutely will not work with Adobe's Mercury Transmit.


      I've tried everything I can think of including completely uninstalling the card and its drivers, going through a cold boot, and then installing Desktop Video version 10.2.2.


      I then re-enabled Mercury Transmit in AE CC 14, and selected the intensity Pro card.


      I then closed and re-opened AE, doubled checked to make sure the Intensity Pro was still selected in Mercury Transmit, and created a new comp at 1920x1080p 30fps with the card connected to my HDTV.


      Nothing.  No signal.  Even tried both HDMI outputs from the card and different cables.


      The HDMI port on the TV works brilliantly when connected to my Nikon so I know the hardware is OK on that side.