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    Bookmark Panel

    Carlos Guix



      I designed in InDesign CC 2014, an interactive catalogue with function "Open other files".

      In the files that are opened there is a button with the command "Go to Previous View".


      All files are exported as interactive PDF and saved to ownership Initial View: "Page and Bookmarks Panel".


      The PDF works perfectly, except that when I press the button "Go to Previous View" going to the PDF view of the above, but with the view of "Page and Pages Panel", not with the "Bookmark Panel".


      What can be done to return the proper PDF viewing the "Panel Bookmarks" ?.


      Thank you very much for your help and greetings.

      Carlos Guix

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          Doc Maik Level 4

          Initial view is, as the name says, just the initial view when opening the PDF. "Go to previous view" is only related to the page display, not bookmarks panel. In a test, and this might come out differently due to versions of Acrobat, my PDF opened with bookrmarks panel, as set for initial, with a button on page 2. Clicking the button took me back to the previous page and view, but the bookmarks panel was closed.

          So it seems you can not control to open/close/keep the bookmarks panel by a button in the PDF.