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    Shantanu Narayen-- How do I get good customer support for your digital edition pproduct?


      Dear Sir,   I am very disappointment in the customer support being offered for digital downloads-  I understand that this is a free product, however this is a product that you update on a regular bases and provide to public.  I have been a user of this product for at least 3 yrs and from time to time have run into a minor issue that I have been able to fix.  Recently this is no longer true.  I have searched your site for a means to allow me to use Digital Editions 3.0-  a product that I have used for almost a yr but due to recent update and support from McAfee I can no longer access by public library, Jasmine Digital that requires Adobe Digital to be used on color nook.  I have tried removing and re-installing digital editions 3.0 numerous times, Ii have had Barnes & Noble support team assistance in removing color nook from my computer, reset email address to match adobe email address and still can not get my computer to recognize my email address on attempts to return digital book to my local digital library.  I have called your support line and been placed on hold, given instructions from online info  and offered the forum as the means to solve my problem-  NO REAL IN-DEPTH questioning or assistance.  I have tried all steps offered.  HOW DO I GET HELP?? from your company.  The questions I have posed on the forum have yet to be answered or acknowledged.   I see others are also looking for support with spotty assistance.  HOW IS THIS CUSTOMER SUPPORT?  I would really appreciate a response and assistance.  I am going to the local library to report my problems to see if they have another mechanism of allowing exchange of books on my nook-  I do not at this point see any reason to recommend your company or products and this is all based on the customer support.