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    Adobe CC - give us our DVDs back!


      Has Apple been Shanghaied by a Chinese anime production team? The new Yosemite OS interface looks like a cartoon. Since there is no video authoring program available in Adobe CC (for presumptive, esoteric reasons), I tried the Apple app store for one. I bought two that didn't work! That was after being waylaid by downloading free ones that really don't exist - "free" is just a bait and switch tactic for a paid version. Almost all of the developers of the DVD apps are Chinese. My guess is that they are offering their projects from developer classes as products. Doesn't anyone screen this stuff before offering it for sale?


      After receiving a refund for an app that didn't work, I was notified that all sales are final. Really?  I can't get a refund for the iLove DVD maker? It doesn't work, either. Why is this junk in the app store?


      Anyway, it is ridiculous for Adobe to drop DVD apps at this point in time. Your vision of the future is all well and good, but it isn't ethical to impose it on us now. The need for professionals to author DVD's isn't gone yet. Why should I pay for Adobe CC, which is supposed to have all of the tools a professional needs and still have to purchase and outboard app for DVD publishing? One should be included in the package!

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          John T Smith Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          Complaining about the Apple store in an Adobe forum is really not going to do anything


          You may still use Encore with Premiere Pro, just not with Dynamic Link


          CS5-thru-CC PPro/Encore tutorial list http://forums.adobe.com/thread/1448923 will help


          The bottom section of the link above has several Adobe links, and other information, on downloading Premiere Pro CS6 and the bundled Encore CS6, and the TWO ADDED downloads for the Encore library content, to author a DVD or BluRay... and the tutorial list includes learning how to use Encore... pay particular attention to the picture in reply 3 at this link - https://forums.adobe.com/thread/1516173 (picture first posted by Ann Bens and reposted by Stan Jones)

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            WDCurry3 Level 1

            Not do anything? Don't count on it. Words travel.


            To your response - Encore CS6 is okay. I already know the drill, but that doesn't address the fact that Adobe CC should be offering some updated version of a DVD design and authoring program. Besides, how long will will Encore CS6 be supported by new operating systems?

            Do you see how Mac and Adobe are integrally related?  I was a graphic specialist at Harris Corporation when they put us on the first generation of Apples - Adobe didn't even work on IBMs (Windows now). I must have 250 old apps that aren't supported anymore. How many versions have I learned since 1984? Some of the best have never been topped, but you can't use them anymore. The rate of change (not necessarily improvement) has increased exponentially. From here, it seems that the developers are falling all over themselves to get the next thing out - so much so, that their reasoning for excluding DVD authoring software is not reality based.


            iDVD used to come with the OS on a Mac. Now, they leave it out, as Adobe is fully aware. As Mac continues to develop their OS that doesn't accommodate DVD production, Adobe follows suit to leave the technology behind. They have opted to disregard professional customers, who depend on the service, for a generation of moppers who haven't been born yet.

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              John T Smith Adobe Community Professional & MVP

              Go to the link I provided and find the line that talks about WHY Adobe no longer offers Encore... which was NOT Adobe's choice


              Without writing a completely new program, which does not infringe on the code that Adobe used to license for the actual disc burning, there will never be an Adobe program to replace Encore


              I also disagree with Adobe's decision to not write an Encore replacement, but I'm just another user so have no insight into why Adobe made the decision not to write an Encore replacement

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                WDCurry3 Level 1

                Sorry, John, but the one link is a comprehensive list of tutorials that seem like they will be very helpful. The other is a forum thread with instructions for getting EncoreCS6. I don't see Adobe's explanation at a glance, can you narrow it down for me? I find the situation interesting. It isn't Adobe's choice? Did someone force them at gun point?

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                  John T Smith Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                  In here Revised and Updated Tutorial List you will find...


                  Using Premiere Pro CC and Encore CS6

                  -CS6 is the final Encore, see #8 here for why http://forums.adobe.com/thread/1337952?tstart=0

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                    WDCurry3 Level 1

                    Thanks, John.