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    "Can't connect to the Adobe Server right now"


      I subscribe to Adobe Creative Cloud but when I launch Photoshop CC 64bit there is a popup window that says


      "Can't connect to the Adobe Server right now"

      17 Days remaining


      Similarly none of my photos in LR are syncing to Creative Cloud, at least nothing is updating on my iPad. Message in LR (near identity plate) shows "Waiting for connection"


      Also I can't sign in to Adobe Application Updates, and get the error "Unable to reach Adobe servers. Please check your firewall settings, and try again in a few minutes"


      My system:

      Win8.1 Pro (MS Surface, 8GB RAM, 50GB free hard disk space).

      Lightroom 64 bit 5.5.

      (edit: just upgraded to 5.6, "waiting for connection" problem persists)


      Steps taken already:

      • Windows Firewall and antivirus - I have temporarily disabled Windows Firewall and Windows Defender. Now the aforementioned notice does not show upon opening PS BUT I still can't sync collections and when I sign in to the "Adobe Application Updates" windows (via icon in system tray) I still get above mentioned error
      • Tested above also from another internet connection elsewhere
      • Looked at my hosts file to ensure nothing is being blocked (as per a forum post I saw elsewhere)


      Other frustrations:

      • The iPad app stopped working for me (probably at upgraded to iOS8). It stalled on "checking for collections" (or somesuch message). It was like that for 15 mins. Completely closed and restarted the app, still the same. I had to delete the app and re-download from the app store and finally it worked, but only shows my old collections since before the above issue
      • Annoyingly, I purchased LR5 outright, before iPad sync was introduced. So the fact I'm paying monthly (i.e. paying twice for the software) is galling considering the darned thing doesn't work! Should I just ditch the subscription, upgrade an older version of PS I own, and save some money?
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          vsylve01 Level 1

          I'm sorry that this is happening to you. I don't know an answer, but I can tell you I have been having the exact same problem here in North Carolina. I can't connect to the server so I cannot update my adobe cloud program, therefore cannot download any new programs that I really need on my computer at home!!!!


          Hopefully someone can help us out soon!!!!!!!!!!! I have to care for my husband at home for the next month or two so I really need to be able to work from home.

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            vsylve01 Level 1

            I think I figured it out!

            I tried to turn my norton 360 firewall off for 15 minutes~ and I uninstalled the creative cloud application, reinstalled, and now I'm completely able to download any programs necessary. So for me, the norton firewall seems to have been the culprit. Just remember to turn it back on or have it turn back on automatically.

            Hope this helps you hazymat!