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    Unable to input the password and how/where can I get


      Need help in inputting the password before installing it.  I have OS X 10,9,5 (13F34)


      I was able to input my Adobe ID and the password.  When I came in just before clicking install, this information shown below as I am not good explaining and hope you can help me with it.


           Install Adobe Flash Player want to make changes.  Type your password to allow this.


                username:  (have that on hand)

              password:   unable to figure out who or what as I tried looking for information as to how or where I can get it on the Adobe.com

          Hint:  yellow bird

      This is where I am stuck and need help on this.  Hope this help you to get information to me as soon as possible.

      Your help in the above will be greatly appreciated and I am not very good as computer literate.

      Thank you.