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    Smart Object Irregularity


      This is a bit of a "deep dive"...


      I'm trying to develop a retina workflow in photoshop for web projects. In doing this I found a strange irregularity in photoshop using smart objects and Photoshop CC 2014's new asset extraction.


      Essentially what is happening is that when I import an image into an already open photoshop document and make that raster image a smart object (either by importing it using the "place embedded..." option or by converting the image to a smart object after placing it) I am getting different results when I try to extract those images at 2x using the new extractor. Of course you will have to perform a transform on the image to scale it down in the photoshop document after you make them smart objects (i.e. I know that 2x of the original smart object size will still be blurry — that's not what I'm doing). The image that is converted to a smart object after it's placed saves as 2x perfectly clearly and the one that was "place embedded..." comes out blurry as if it wasn't a smart object at all.


      What should I do about this? I thought these two options were different ways of accomplishing the same thing. Honestly, I like to use the "place embedded..." option because it saves me steps, but it is the one that isn't working.