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    CS5 text threads  super slow in CS5.5?



      I have really large files from CS5 that I am now trying to work on in 5.5. (They are shelf ID's for items that go on store shelves, if anyone else is doing that kind of work) . In each file, I have rows of UPCs in individual text boxes that are threaded together so that I can copy/paste long lists of UPC code into the boxes. I have this same set up with prices ($X.XX) and position numbers. There are approximate 300 linked boxes per UPCs/Prices/Position# per document.


      My problem happens when I have to insert a new box in the middle of the chain of text. My process is:

      Break link where I need new box

      Select empty box; option click-drag to copy

      Direct select/link new box into chain.


      PROBLEM: When I link to empty group of linked boxes to the right, I get the spinning wheel of death, sometimes up to 2 minutes! It doesn't matter how many boxes I've inserted and am linking up, when I get to that group of empty linked boxes, it hangs up. It does it with all 3 types of text, so it isn't the text. I also experimented with smaller numbers of linked boxes, and it doesn't hang up with those.

      I never had this problem with CS5, and while I could unlink some of the boxes to make the chains smaller, it would be a tremendous PITA and I'm under a major time crunch


      Sorry if I'm not using the correct terms for linking/chain/thread, etc.


      Any help here would be tremendously appreciated!


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          Doc Maik Level 4

          This is a memory management problem, probably paired with activated preflight. If preflight is activated, turn it off. It should become better.

          Then, try not to chain too many boxes. It also depends on the amount of text and objects inside. If this occur, it only help to separate all boxex again with script SplitStory.

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            funkitabanana Level 1

            Thanks for the reply, Doc. I did indeed have preflight enabled (didn't know that stayed "on"), and after turning it off, it has helped somewhat. Still much slower than CS5, but not taking 1-2 minutes to link like it was.

            I'm working around for now by splitting the boxes into smaller chains until I've finished inserting scans, then relinking all before inserting text into the threads.


            Hate it when "updates" make it harder! Thanks for your help and have a great day.