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    Dragging and locking to grid-multiple sprite

      Hi all,

      Having problems, my application is a virtual interior design tool. at some stage the user is able to select sprites that are are located on the left hand side of my application. these sprites are things such as doors, chairs, windows etc. the user can then drag them into the layout of a room and lock to a grid possition.

      The problem im having is that what if the user wants to put two windows in? once the user selects a sprite to drag, it actualy takes the sprite so it cant be used again. i need some way of producing copys so when the user selects a sprite one will apear in the window but still leaving the original. the new sprite in the window should then be able to be dragged to the desired position and lock to grid. I can lock and get the sprites to drag but am unable to make it so there are mutiple copys when ever the user selects.

      Cheers all who dare to help!