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    Trouble with file size

      I am trying to record the panning action on a Google map In Adobe Captivate. I know dragging with the mouse is size prohibitive and I have turned off automatic recording and full motion recording, making the entire thing manual, to remedy this. But my file size is still too large to put on my website. I have reduced my monitor colors and selected Windows Class as my desktop theme. I read that COULD help, although I am not recording that area at all.

      I would really like to know if there is anything else I can possibly do to remedy this situation. My show is heavy with images, as I am demonstrating how to use a real estate search tool that incorporates the Google pan and zoom map. But ANY suggesetions would be VERY welcome! Thanks.
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          One thing I have noticed is that the BMP files used as static screen captures from the Captivate recording process are reduced when I:
          right click on the bmp in the library and edit the file with Fireworks. I have not used another app to modify bmps from the library, so I am not sure if other apps would have the same effect. All I know is Fireworks did seem to marginally effect the bmp file size. (Say from around 5 mb reduced to 2.5 - 3 mb.)
          Hope this helps
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            deidrelynn Level 1
            Yes, but did you manually reduce the size of the bmp images in Fireworks? If the image is the correct size and already set to 72dpi, what are you adjusting to reduce the image size?
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              Shnoogins Level 1
              Well, basically, all I did was right click on the bmp in the library and select "Edit the file with Fireworks"

              Fireworks loaded the image. I used the marquee tool to select an area of any size. No more no less.

              Fireworks notes that a change has been made to the original file by placing an asterick * next to the file name in the open tab.

              I clicked Save.

              A dialog box appeared warning me I won't be able to edit a BMP the same way as a PNG if I save as a BMP. I clicked Save BMP.

              Captivate then shows a progress bar that it is "Updating Project"

              The background image in the library that was edited in Fireworks is now a smaller size. (It is also still highlighted)

              Strange, eh?

              I think Fireworks is removing unnecessary "junk" from the image.
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                deidrelynn Level 1
                Well, if it works.....I am having a terrible time creating even a 14 slide demonstraton that is under 6 meg! I just don't know what else to do.