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    L/R 5.6 Slide Show with Audio hangs after leaving, re-entering L/R program


      After upgrading from Lightroom 4.x to Lightroom 5.6, I am having problems with slideshows that have audio.  I am running on a desktop with W7 SP1 64-bit with PLENTY of memory, disc space, and CPU power.  Here's the results of my testing:


      I am using a known good .mp3 file that I've used for years on LR3 and LR4, and this .mp3 plays fine in many other programs.


      When I set the slide show up and add the audio file in L/R 5.6, it plays fine.  I can move around inside of LR5.6, like back to the Library module, and then return to the Slideshow module, and it still works fine.


      But if I exit L/R 5.6, and then run it again later, then when I click on the slideshow to play, it starts up and even plays the music for about half a second, and then the whole slideshow hangs... no music, no new slides.


      If I then remove (uncheck) the slideshow audio, and retry, the slideshow runs fine (but of course, there's no audio).


      If I then re-add the audio file, it also runs fine until I exit and re-enter the L/R program.  Then it hangs again.


      I've tried other .mp3 files, but all of them produce the same pattern of behavior in L/R 5.6 slide shows, even though they all play fine elsewhere, so I think this must be a L/R issue.