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    Retain layer size suddenly not working


      I was working on an object in Illustrator and scaled large like I always do, but when I went to import the file to After Effects and clicked "Composition - Retain Layer Size" like I always do it did not work.  I'm sure something somewhere got clicked that shouldn't be, but I can't seem to find it.  I have had this problem once before and can't remember how to fix it, nor can I find the solution again.  It seems that rather than keeping the layer size it makes it the artboard size -crops anything outside the artboard and makes the layer the size of the artboard, which is quite frustrating.  I tried pulling in a object from Photoshop to see if the retain layer size works there and it does, but I do heavily rely on Illustrator.  Does anyone have any idea of what may have happened?  Some setting getting changed accidentally?