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    If I make work in Premiere CC but lose access to CC, do I lose the ability to open the file and edit my work?

    Aqlex239 Level 1

      I'm currently using Premiere CS6. Premiere CC looks appealing in terms of the updates, but not the payment model. If I can't pay for CC for a while, or switch to another program one day, will I lose the ability to open any of my Premiere CC files? It's shocking how often I go back to an old project that was made in an ancient program that I no longer use, but because I forever own that software, I'm always able to open the file up and make whatever changes necessary so I can bring the file into a more current program. Is this workflow lost if I lose access to CC? If this is the case, I may have to stick to CS6 just because I have the disks and know I'll always be able to install the programs and access my files.