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    How to Pass Dynamic values to XML in flex

      i just want to pass dynamic values. it must be stored in XML List or XML .for Ex: In my App i want to pass
      Edu_Institute,From_date,To_Date,Qualification fileds to Education table. I have used Webservices to connect with the Backend.
      At that time of processing, i want to pass 2 or more sets of Dynamic Values of Edu_Instiute,From_Date,To_Date....... to my webservice .
      i fetch the Edu_Institute value from text1.text From_Date from Datefield1.text etc... when i click the Add Button it must be stored in XMLnode[0],XMLnode[1]......& i will pass this nodes to my table
      How to do that??
      Can anyone please find out the solution for me??

      Thenmalar v