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    Nook error user not activated


      Recently purchased new computer and upgraded to windows 8. ( I used the Nook simple touch with the old computer frequently, without problems.)


      Overdrive allows me to download books to my desktop and my galaxy pad.  Loaded ADE 4.0 and can download library books to desktop.  ADE will recognize Nook Simple Touch, and it appears to side-load book to Nook.  However, Error Dialog User not activated appears.

      Tried copying library book file to the nook -- same thing --User not activated.


      I have authorized and re-authorized nook and the desktop.  I have deleted .adobe.digital.editions and re-authorized.  I have de-registered and re-registered the Nook.  I have re-booted the desktop and the Nook.  I have done all of these things as per instructions from B&N Nook help website.  The curious thing is that I can side-load the ADE Getting Started manual from the desktop and open it, but not a library book.


      I must be overlooking something obvious.  Please advise.