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    bluray authoring in premiere elements


      I downloaded the latest version of  adobe premiere elements over a month ago to try it out before deciding on a purchase. I was not happy with the video capture section because it seems all videos are captured with a 4:3 aspect ratio - even 16:9 source videos! so I proceeded to uninstall premiere elements. However, I have since decided that a purchase is possible if the bluray authoring section meets my requirements. It has been over a month since uninstallation so I cannot install again without purchasing premiere elements. Therefore, I have a few questions which when answered will enable me decide whether or not to make a purchase. my questions are as follows: can bluray video be authored with both mpeg 2 and avc h264 codecs? If so, can these codecs be used for both standard definition( 720x576) and high definition(1280x720; 1920x1080) resolution video? Is a range of bitrate provided for these codecs for example between 5 and 15 mbps or just already preset bitrate values for example 5,7,10, 12 mbps?( please specify bitrate values) For audio, are both dolby digital (ac3) and lpcm provided and if so what bitrates are used?