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    What is the best way to transfer libraries from Aperture?




      Apologies for what must be an increasingly common question. I've searched the forum but all I could get were returns from early 2013 and previous. I am asking this question because the offered tool on this site has an appalling rating after 37 reviews so I will not be using that.


      Any "quick fix" tool recommendations would be appreciated, tools which have been proven to work well. Also, in regard to losing saved edits which were made in Aperture (I understand they will be transferred as finalised Jpegs), I'm not overly concerned with this since I am at a place where I have finalised most, if not all, my photos which deserved the attention anyway, so even a quick way for me to get the actual files from the folder structure may be helpful, so I can import afresh?


      Any other suggestions very welcome, and thank you.