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    3M App - Adobe Activation Error message - Cannot download ebooks

      Please Help Me, Im really missing my eBooks!!

      Adobe Activation Error Message is displayed when I select an ebook (that is already checked out and in "my books") to download onto my device so i can read it. Message says "You have reached your activation limit. you cannot read eBooks on this device until an activation is released from another device"
      Thru chat and phone I have contacted adobe customer care twice already, the first time they helped me get ebooks downloading in 3M onto my desktop, but my android phone is where i need to download ebooks.! The second guy told me he cant do anything else becuz my Adobe ID is showing 4 remaining activations and he cant reset any activations untili am at the max limit of 6 devices... HELP!  I have used 3M on 6 devices but i no longer have access to 4 of them.
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          It is puzzling that the customer care rep said you have 4 remaining device activations on your Adobe ID, but the 3M app said you reached the limit.


          Do you have a second Adobe ID or perhaps a 3M ID that you have used in the past? Adobe supports account joining, which allows you to activate a device with multiple IDs (Adobe or third-party), so that you can read books purchased under multiple accounts on a single device.


          It's possible that your Adobe ID has 4 remaining activations but that it is joined to another account which has 0 remaining.


          You can check if your Adobe ID is joined to another account at Adobe Account Synchronization.


          If you do find a second account, you might be able to work around this by having a customer care rep reset the activations for the second account.