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    Various scripts for faster work from keyboard

    Sashabe Level 1


      I added whole range of different scripts into the repository now. Sometimes they don't have proper error catching and everything, so be prepared. Many are based on some other scripts from this forum or other sites, I tried to give proper credit but let me know if I haven't done that somewhere.


      They include:

      • resizing frames by document and baseline grid divisions;
      • quickly setting keyboard increments (I use Ctrl+Cmd+Shift+numbers for that);
      • flexibly controlling opacity, stroke weight, tint and various paragraph spacing related parameters;
      • starting to edit text in the currently selected frame from keyboard (Enter);
      • invert text case or setting Title case on a word the cursor is currently inside of (Cmd+U, Ctrl+Cmd+Shift+U);
      • selecting current word (Cmd+D);
      • moving objects to another layer (Ctrl+Alt+Cmd+Home, Ctrl+Alt+Cmd+End);
      • opening selection in new window — I use this as a trick for editing in one (often little) window, viewing the result without selection frames in another as it's not possible to hide frame edges for the current selection like in Sketch;
      • selecting swatches from keyboard that doesn't mess with Swatches palette state;
      • toggle different vertical justification modes from keyboard (Ctrl+Cmd+B)
      • and others.


      I decided to do this after discovering this script repository for Sketch.