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    Adobe Color aka Kuler download and viewing issues


      Ive been trying to utilize the new adobe color and I'm finding that once I find a palette I like, I try to download it and when I try to view it, the file type is un supported in all of the CC apps I have including photoshop, Illustrator and after effects Does anyone know how to use them once their downloaded or at least how to view them so they can be used?



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          shamit_mehta Adobe Employee

          You don't need to download the ase file from color.adobe.com to view it in photoshop / Illustrator / After Effects / InDesign / Flash.   These products have  "Color Themes" panel  at


          Windows > Extensions > Adobe Color Themes


          Windows > Color Themes


          Simply  favorite a theme on color.adobe.com and it would show up in this panel.  From here you can use them directly in your designs.


          Let me know if that works out for you.