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    Problem with footnote formatting (footnotes from 100 onwards have an empty space)




      I have placed a very long Word file to InDesign. The footnotes act funnily. The footnotes from 0-99 are normal and look fine, but from 100 onwards a blank space of about 1 cm appears between the footnote number and the text part. Is there an easy way to fix this? I have several hundreds of footnotes and I can't fix them one by one.


      Here's what the footnotes look like:


      0-99, look normal:


      98 Anderson 1994.

      99 Jones 1987c.


      But then from 100-> they suddenly start looking like this.


      100            Ford 2001, 47.

      101            Gerald 2008.


      (I hope the blank space is visible. If not: in the examples above there is a about 1 cm of empty space between the text parts "100" and "Ford 2001, 47".)


      I want that blank space deleted from the footnotes 100-> and them formatted the same way as the footnotes 0-99. They each have the same paragraph style, so I don't really understand where the empty space comes from. If anyone can help, I'd appreaciate it!

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          Peter Spier Most Valuable Participant (Moderator)

          This is just a guess, but I suspect if you show non-printing characters you will see a tab after the number, and it's set too close for three-digit numbers. you could either change the position of the tab stop in the paragraph style assigned to the footnotes, or you can use Find/Change to replace the tab with other whitespace of your choice. In the GREP tab enter ^(\d+\.?)\s+ in the find field and change to $1<your space of choice> where <your space of choice> should be replaced by you with whatever type of space you wish to use as a separator. I threw in the \.? in case your numbers are followed by a dot...