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    Scenes and strings of Movie Clips

    Marsascala Pest
      I want to run a string of Flash movies which display event notices. I have tried using scenes but I can run two scenes consecutively, but when I put a third in, the result is that scene 2 is missed out. Scenes 2 and 3 hold extenal .swf files. If I put text into scene three instead of the .swf file, scene 2 is not omitted, but I don't really want to recreate the .swf file I want to put into scene three. Looking at the threads on this site and in Adobe's support files it appears I can load strings of movies one after another but. I can't get this right. Please remember no user interaction here, just continually looping movies. Help please.
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          Charles Parcell Level 1
          Build a core container SWF. This SWF will contain a list of all the possible "banner SWFs" whcih can be displayed.

          banners:Array = ["1.swf", "2.swf","3.swf"];

          Hold a variable which indicates which SWF is playing.

          playing = 0;

          Then build a function which loads the next or some other SWF from the list.

          function loadNext(){
          // load next swf in list

          Then at the end of each banner SWF, make a call to the parent function.


          That should be a fairly flexible template.

          Hope that helps.