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    Lightroom Pixelated Photos (On Import)

    Tim Mottram

      I have just upgraded to Lightroom 5.6 and imported my photos. Within Sitecore some of those photos are pixelated, but they are not on the original file.


      I am using .nef files and .JPG.

      Camera is Nikon D600 (All photos from the same camera)


      It's an up to date copy of lightroom (Via the cloud service)


      Any ideas? I have not had this problem with previous versions.





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          areohbee Level 6

          It's starting to sound like there is a bug in Lightroom - this sort of thing is getting reported too often, or so it seems to me..


          It would help if you define "pixelated" - post screenshots, and maybe original file with steps to reproduce.

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            elie-d Level 4

            Sitecore is a web site? So are you resizing the images to be posted? To what size? What jpg quality/compression? How do the jpgs look on your computer before uploading? Can you post a link to the Sitecore page with your photos?

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              Tim Mottram Level 1

              Ok, will dig out some files and upload them.


              I apologise y, i meant Lightroom not Sitecore. I use to Sitecore at work so it's on my mind


              By Pixelated i mean that that the image looks like i have blown it up, so it would cover a whole wall. accept i have not done anything to the image in lightroom. Just opened the image.

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                ssprengel Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                So by pixelated you mean the entire image is visible but at a very low resolution?  This could be the camera-embedded thumbnail JPG that LR momentarily shows and may not be getting updated to the Adobe raw conversion.  Perhaps the raw files are corrupted and LR cannot compute any full-resolution image from the raw data to replace the thumbnail, or perhaps the LR preview cache is corrupted and so LR cannot retrieve its previously-computed previews. 


                What happens if you select a group of these photos in Library and then use Library / Previews / Build 1:1 Previews (and Build Standard Previews)?


                As Rob says a screenshot would be helpful in communicating what “pixelated” means, exactly, because the look of a corrupted raw file is different than the look of a reduced-size thumbnail.


                What happens if you go to Develop where LR actually uses the raw data instead of looking up something in the preview cache?