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    Render settings

    Dogminder Level 1

      HI, I've rendered a video in After Effects and it plays great on my computer.


      However when I upload it to Vimeo it looks awful as you : Final Mixdown on Vimeo


      The text  in particular is really bad.


      The render settings I used were QuickTime with. PNG preset. I then converted the file to MO4 using Media Encioder.


      I Know I must be doing something wrong, but don't know what.


      Can any help?


      Many thanks,



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          Rick Gerard Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          The video looks fine to me. I don't care for the white stroke in the text but that's my personal taste.


          First, are you sure you looked at your upload with HD turned on after Vimeoand had finished processing the HD version? Second, you should have been using the H.264 Vimeo Preset and made sure that you followed Vimeo's maximum data rate recommendations.  Third, unless you have a Plus membership the output is limited to 720p. You may have sent a 1080p version to Vimeo and let them do the scaling.

          One comment on your video, I think your video would look better if you increase the frame rate to 29.97 if it's not already there and/or increase the shutter angle for your motion blur because several of the moves exhibit judder.

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            Dogminder Level 1

            That's very helpful Rick, thank you.


            Not sure what you mean by "motion blur". Is that a setting?



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              Rick Gerard Adobe Community Professional & MVP

              For the moves on your elements you should have enabled motion blur in the timeline and then made sure that the shutter angle in the Advanced Composition settings was set to a high enough angle to make your moves look more realistic instead of 'animated.' This will give a much more pleasing feel to your animation and make things easier to see.