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    Lightroom error importing large files


      I use Lightroom 4.4 on a Mac with OS 10.9.5.

      While trying to import images to Lightroom I get, for some big ones, an error message that they are too big. According http://help.adobe.com/en_US/lightroom/using/WS42D207D7-B290-4baa-A896-AB71965BF24B.html files with 65kx65k pixels should be OK. But there is e.g. a JPEG with only 16633x 32650 pixels (113MB) among the refused files (I tried a TIFF-version of it, which does not work either).


      There is no problem to handle these JPEGs with Photoshop (CS6) or ImageMagick (even with 65.280 (=256x255) pixels per side ...  I hope that the 65k limit in LR is also <2^{16} and not 65000).


      Is there any solution for that? I would be willing to upgrade to LR5 but according the specifications it should work with LR4.