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    Sync issues with LR5/iMac and iPad (IOS 8.1)


      I have been using published folder to sync my photos with my iPad and iPhone, and for the past two years, it's been working fine but lately, something has gone awry. For some reason, now when I edit a photo in LR and it republishes the photo (as a jpeg), itunes simply doesnt see the phtot and it disappears from the folder on the ipad. Yes, the new publised photo is in the iMac and it appears just like the photos before and after it, but iTunes doesn't send it over. I have tried manually exporting these photos to a different folder to see if it will bring them over, but they still wont come. I've tried renaming as well, but still no luck; it's almost as if LR is creating some strange jpeg that iTunes cannot see.


      Any ideas?