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    Flash installer is very poor show.


      I doubt anyone will listen - but just want to add my feedback to others who have been upset by how flash installs updates. 


      I was asked to update by flash in the big black box on start up.. did so and it downloaded Macafee without my permission.  Installing this way does not appear to give you any options to disable this installation option.


      Unprofessional behaviour in my opinion.  Following the tactics of malware sites is not acceptable.  Paints your whole company in a bad light being associated with this.

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          jeromiec83223024 Adobe Employee

          Thanks for the note.  Adobe does include optional software offers as a cost-recovery measure to help offset the high cost of the software we're providing free of charge.


          That said, you should have been taken to a download page that presented you with an opt-out dialog.  I've provided a screenshot for reference.


          McAffee Checkbox.PNG


          If you were not presented with this screen, I'd like to figure out how to reproduce it so that I can take it back to the team that manages our installers.


          If you could provide me with some of the information below, and what country you're in, that would help me try to track it down:

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            islanddoc Level 1

            Thanks for your reply.


            I don't recall ever seeing that screen (correct me if i am wrong).


            As I recall an auto update box appeared on startup.... it said 'quit' or 'install'  I clicked install and it loaded macafee along with flash.... no check box to opt out at all.  A google search confirms various other similar complaints around the net.


            Is that right?  If so... you know that is not good behaviour for a multinational company. 

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              jeromiec83223024 Adobe Employee

              Thanks for the clarification.  This definitely is not the intended behavior.  I've seen similar complaints, and we take them seriously and do our best to investigate them.  We have around 1.2 billion users, but I've seen maybe a couple dozen complaints about this over the last couple years.  A failure rate of 0.001% at Flash Player scales translates to 100k+ people, and I'm not seeing the kind of overwhelming response that you would expect if this was a widespread issue.


              We get a wave of questions with each update, and we usually get a handful of this kind of complaint for each release.  I've personally spent a bunch of time trying to recreate a scenario where this would happen, and I haven't been able to do it.  I've worked with a couple people that were experiencing this to try and recreate the problem on their machines as well, but the issue has never reproduced for anyone I've talked to.  My guess is that it's timing dependent.  When we publish the update, we don't just put it on one server.  It goes out to a Content Distribution Network, composed of thousands of geographically distributed servers.  It takes about an hour for the update to fully propagate across the entire CDN, and because of the transitory nature of the symptoms, my guess is that if you happen to hit the update at just the wrong time, there's a half-updated server state that somehow causes the client to grab the wrong payload; however, the payload with and without the bundled offers have totally different names, so it's not obvious from looking at the code as to why this would happen (and we've looked carefully).


              Anything that you can tell me in terms of specifics about your system would be useful in helping to put a picture together of what's happening.  In particular the Operating System and version, and the browser(s) that you have installed.