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    unable to load command 4

      I am quite rusty with Robohelp, but trying to get back up to speed. wWhen I open a project, the following message is displaying:
      Unable to load command 4.
      It doesn't stop the project loading, I haven't tested to see if it has any impact when I edit a topic, but does anyone know what is causing this? I have searched the online help, but this error is not mentioned..
      Also, robohelp has changed quite a bit since I last used it & I am struggling to come to grips with some of the folder layouts - I understand the projects are now .xpj, but the root level of each sub folder contains a.fpj file. I read somewhere that this allows multi user access to the same project, but can't see how this works - I certainly couldn't open an individual folder using this file anyway! Can anyone point me to documentation that explains what this is about & what it does or doesn't do? or quickly explain this for me?

      many thanks