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    Is there a way to bypass the need for administrator permissions?

    nulla rimane

      Hello, my name is Mariah and I'm fifteen years old. I never needed to know the answer to this question until my parents decided to give me a child account and now, since I'm no longer an administrator, I require either my mother or my older brother to type in my Windows password every time I want to use Photoshop CS6. Every. Single. Time.


      A stay-at-home mom of eight children, it goes without saying that my mother is a very busy woman and doesn't always have the time [nor the patience] to be typing in my password constantly. At first I thought I could use the CMD prompt to reset my password, but I quickly discovered I can't reset the password using CMD without — you guessed it — administrator privileges.


      All I want to do is edit photos and make banners. I understand why my parents gave me the child account, but I don't understand why the password is needed every single time I run Photoshop CS6. Wouldn't once be enough?


      So, my question is: Is there a way I can bypass this need or eliminate it altogether?