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    Book designer wanted to set up file InDesign CC file, must have experience with Chinese fonts (traditional


      Hi there


      Looking for a book designer to help with setting up a file in InDesign CC so I can place text from Word.


      I'm helping to produce a large book (700+ B5 pages) about history of Chinese medicine in 20th century.  There are lots of characters used throughout (within English-language paragraphs) so it's really important that the designer has experience working with fonts for both traditional and simplified characters.


      The book has been laid out in Word with style sheets to basic mockup stage and can be provided for reference so there's no design concept needed, simply getting the shell ready to place the Word files, but this would probably include things like:


      Document setup, page size, margins etc

      Verifying the style sheets are set up properly & add extras if needed eg optical margins etc, that aren't included in Word

      Structuring files as chapters, front matter, back matter, headers & footers etc

      Suggesting a layout grid based on word file

      Maybe a final check of the finished file before producing the PDF


      This is a self-published project for a very small market!!!  So of course we're looking to economise :-)  So if you're interested then please provide a quote based on your experience of what's needed to set up a project properly but not with too many bells & whistles!!