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    Why are 1. raster images converted to smart objects after placement and 2. raster images placed as smart objects (using "place embedded...") upsampling differently with extract assets?


      I'm trying to develop a retina workflow in photoshop for web projects. In doing this I found a strange irregularity in photoshop using smart objects and Photoshop CC 2014's new asset extraction.


      Essentially what is happening is that when I import an image into an already open photoshop document and make that raster image a smart object (either by importing it using the "place embedded..." option or by converting the image to a smart object after placing it) I am getting different results when I try to extract those images at 2x using the new extractor. Of course you will have to perform a transform on the image to scale it down in the photoshop document after the raster images are smart objects (i.e. I know that 2x of the original smart object size will still be blurry — that's not what I'm doing). The image that is converted to a smart object after it's placed saves as 2x perfectly clearly and the one that was "place embedded..." comes out blurry as if it wasn't a smart object at all.


      What should I do about this?


      Maybe my premise is bad...  are these two options different ways of accomplishing the same thing?