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    Social Gaming startup looking for AS3 Engineer, Redwood City, CA

      You'll own Bunchball's next generation product and be focused primarily on the user-facing components. You'll be crafting a small, powerful client application in ActionScript 3, and you'll be pair programming & working through the initial build with the development team that created ASUnit. And when we're ready to jump to Apollo, it's all you. This is cutting edge work, my friend, so break out your hard hat. You'll also work on the interactive web applications/sites that support these new initiatives.


      * Experience with object-oriented framework and design
      * Experience connecting to back-end services
      * Experience writing user-facing code
      * Ability to write clean, coherent code
      * Ability to understand and master new technologies quickly
      * Thrive on developing innovative ideas and executing them
      * Strong communication skills and a willingness to learn and to teach

      Bunchball is the leading provider of social gaming services. We're bringing multi-player casual gaming to social networks, communities, and web sites of all sizes. We're small, but quite successful. We have an incredibly talented team, drawn from places like IDEO, Apple, Oracle, Disney Imagineering, and Capital Entertainment Group. And we have some amazing advisors from companies including Flickr, Six Apart, IMVU, Tickle, and Halcyon Worlds.

      We're building a team of "10x" people – people who can run fast, think creatively, and go deep in one area but contribute everywhere. We care less about your years of experience and more about what you can do and why you love to do it. You'll have lots of responsibility, interesting challenges, and a significant impact. And fun; don't forget fun!

      We have funding from Granite Ventures and Adobe Ventures. We're building a fast company, we're disrupting a large, growing market, we're signing paying customers, and we're assembling a great team. This is your chance to be part of it, to say you were there at the beginning.

      We offer competitive salary, equity and benefits.
      Contact Information: Send resumes, portfolios, links to blogs, websites, etc. to jobs@bunchball.com