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    Can ObjectStates become buttons that link to another object state?


      Hi. I am working on Adobe CS5 and I am trying to create an Image gallery.  I know how to create the basic type which is stacking the images, making them as object states, and then linking the navigation buttons to "Next State".


      The type of image gallery i'm trying to make involves thumbnails. In the thumbnails menu, there are back and forward arrows that will move the thumbnails from left to right. The way i did it was grouping the thumbnail images, convert them as object states, and just do the Left/Right animation through the Object State menu. The problem is, I can't make those thumbnails link to the picture it is assigned to. The Object states that appear in the button menu is just the object state of the thumbnails and not the Image viewer it self.


      If it is needed that i post a SWF demonstration of this, can someone show me how to?