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    How to Disable the Adobe Flash Player and Reader Updates


      Ok, For the last two months or so, I have been plagued by the Adobe Flash Player and Reader updater that will not go away. That's not the worst thing though: Somehow, someway, the Adobe updater subverts my entire windows 7 machine and makes itself the most important program on my system, stopping all other necessary functions. After I just turn it on, the updater will suspend all Windows operations in favor of the updater getting its message out the Adobe "needs" updating. I have tried updating the stupid thing, only to find that after the update goes in, my whole computer locks up and I have to load a system restore point. This thing acts like a virus, and until someone comes up with a way to make it work properly, that's what I'm calling: Adobe creates and sells a computer killing virus. I want a sure fire way to disable the updater that will work, and that will never bug me again about updating the virus. After going through three different computer repair companies, many online forums and chat rooms and my own knowledge of how to disable programs, I have instructed my firewall to block all attempts by Adobe to update. This has to stop.