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    Pan and Zoom and Resolution Settings

    AZ Aurora

      Okay I am starting a new project and I want to use allot of the Ken Burns, or Pan and Zoom effect. From previous discussions I was advised to scale my photos 2000 x 1500. Given that at what "resolution" to you recommend for the project?

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          A.T. Romano Level 7

          AZ Aurora


          I am not a fan of 2000 x 1500. That is a 4:3 aspect ratio that should be used with the Edit Menu/Preferences/General "Default Scale to Frame Size" disabled before you import your file. After import of the photo, then you scale your image in the space provided by the project preset that you select to match the properties of your source media.


          What are the properties of your source media that you will be using in this particular project? And, what is the destination for the Timeline - export to file saved to the computer hard drive or burn to?


          What version of Premiere Elements are you now using and on what computer operating system is it running?

          Were you planning on using

          a. program's Pan and Zoom Tool

          b. keyframing of Motion Scale (for zoom) and Motion Position (for pan)

          c. The Horizontal Image Zooms, Horizontal Image Pans, Vertical Image Zooms, or Vertical Image Pans under the



          Are your photos portrait or landscape oriented?


          Depending on the nature of your pans and zooms, I would prefer to crop/resize the photos to a start 16:9, something like 2200 x 1238 for HD, and leave the Default Scale to Frame Size enabled in preferences.


          Please review and consider.


          Thank you.



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            AZ Aurora Level 1

            Okay I have done several projects and know the importance of project settings upfront, this is something that I have always struggled with. I have looked in Adobe's preset help page and that does not answer my questions.

            1. I have taken my photos with a Nikon S9100 I have it set on Image Mode 4000x3000 *, that gives me a 1080 30 12m* photo
            2. I am using Adobe Premier Elements 12 on Windows 7
            3. I will be using export burn to
            4. I will be using the Pan and Zoom in the Tools Bar


            1. What should I be using for my project presets?
            2. My photos are both landscape and portrait
            3. I did a "trial" Pan and Zoom with your suggestion of 2200 x 1238 the photo seemed slightly out of proportion, but it I left "constrain proportions" it gave me a 2200 x 1650. I was able to pan and zoom the photo but when I looked at the "safe margins" for output I had to manually move the photo slightly so that I would have the shot within those margins.  Would my preset selection have anything to do with that? My project settings were 1080i 30  Frame size 1920 x 1080 for that test production
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              A.T. Romano Level 7

              AZ Aurora


              For your final result, do you have a requirement for NTSC DVD-VIDEO standard 4:3 on DVD disc or NTSC DV Widescreen 16:9 on DVD disc?

              If you do not care, then let us go with NTSC DV Widescreen 16:9. That was my plan and what I thought you might want to do.


              My suggested 2200 x 1238 is right on for a 16:9 project. Your 2200 x 1650 is right on for a 4:3 project.


              If your project settings are now 1080i30, you have set up for a 16:9 project.


              There are going to be issues if you (manually) or the project (automatically) are setting up a 16:9 project for a 4:3 burn to and vice versa.


              I will help you sort through this if I know the description of your burn to plan. I now know your source media are photos 4000 x 3000 which can be resized

              to a lower resolution for a 4:3 project, but probably needs crop/resize if you are heading for a 16:9 project.


              With all the requested information, I can include the appropriate project preset in order to get the DVD-VIDEO with the sharpest quality.





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                AZ Aurora Level 1

                I just posted a "reply to original message and am not seeing it so sorry if it suddenly appears and I duplicate what I sent.


                I have always burned to Disc in the NTSC Dolby DVD standard format. I was leery of burning using the widescreen format as thought that it might not be as compatible with older DVD players or older TVs (they do still exist)


                Those projects that I had burned were in the preset of DV standard so were also in the 4:3 format if I am correct in my thinking.


                What I need to know with my Cool pix camera should I be using under preset, DSLR 1080 p 30 or 1080 p 30 @ 29.97 , DV standard or widescreen , or HDV 1080 i 30?


                I want to be able to do the Pan and Zoom, does it work better with the 4:3 or the 16:9 settings?

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                  A.T. Romano Level 7

                  AZ Aurora


                  If your goal is DVD-VIDEO Standard 4:3 on DVD disc and you have all photos (4320 x 3240 4:3 and 3456 x 2304 3:2), then you do not want any project preset settings described for 16:9.


                  There are a lot of ways to do this, but stay with NTSC DV Standard as your project preset under the conditions above.


                  This is one way....


                  The sizing of your photos can cause problems depending on and in spite of your computer resources....especially if you have about 500 photos. Suggested batch resizing is to 1000 x 750 4:3 for landscape oriented photos. Higher than that, whatever you can get away with without jeopardizing the stability of the project for import, edit, and export.


                  • Set the project preset manually for NTSC DV Standard

                          How to is at the end of the following



                  • Go to Edit Menu/Preferences/General and remove the check mark next to Default Scale to Frame Size


                  • Bring in your photos sized to 1000 x 750 4:3, 2000 x 750 4:3, or the original size 4320 x 3240 4:3 or 3456 x 2304 3:2) - whatever you can get away with. Recommended 1000 x 750 4:3. Remember, no matter how high the resolution of the import, it will be reduced to the sizing of the end product format.


                  • When you drag each to the Timeline, they will appear zoomed in. Ignore that and apply Tools Menu/Pan and Zoom


                  • When you click Done in the Pan and Zoom workspace and you are back in the Editor workspace, scale the Timeline's panned and zoomed image in the

                           Edit area monitor as wanted.


                  Please try this on a mini test run to test the merits of this approach. We can discuss alternatives if necessary.