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    How to track the fast movement camera (close shot)

    Juk3r Level 1

      the shot is close to green screen and fast movement and camera cut off from the markers.


      any ideas how to fix this ? i knew i mignt need to shoot again but its impossible cuz of the actors are not here anymore. so i must fix it.


      any recommend plugin or technique ?

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          Rick Gerard Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          It's awfully hard to give you advice without seeing the shot but you might try stabilizing something in the scene that doesn't move then re-introduce the motion. Show us the shot and we can make intelligent suggestions.

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            bogiesan Level 4

            Back in the olden days before auto tracking we performed rotoscoping by hand, patiently, one frame at a time. It's still possible to accomplish fabulous effects by hand.

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              Rick Gerard Adobe Community Professional & MVP

              This shot will not track with any software I know of.

              Screen Shot 2014-11-02 at 10.24.13 PM.png

              There are a host of problems that should teach you a valuable lesson. First, to automatically track you need fixed unique geometry that is big enough to grab at least 100 pixels of detail from. That means at least 10 X 10 pixels. There is nothing in the background of your shot in any frame except for a couple of tracking markers that come close to bing big enough to track. To do Camera Tracking you need to establish at least 2 planes that are far enough to calculate perspective and parallax changes. Your shot does not contain even one of the elements required to do camera tracking.


              The only planes in your shot are the  net in the background and the ned in the goal. Motion blur and fine lines in these two planes give you nothing to track. You also zoomed out from frame 7 to frame 12. NEVER EVER ZOOM if you are planning to replace a background or do a camera track. Especially, NEVER snap zoom. It is nearly impossible for camera tracking software to calculate a camera zoom when the zoom introduces blur. A snap zoom and fast pan is nearly impossible to track in the best of circumstances.

              It's also going to be impossible to pull a clean key because the net in the background has a bunch of black lines on it and the white net in the goal gets completely blurred out in a great deal of the shot.


              Just a little pre-production planning and some story boards would have saved the day. You have created a situation where your only option is to roto your actor and the goal frame, then recreate the net and the background by hand. What should have been a half hour in post is going to turn into a couple of days unless you redesign the entire shot to be something way more stylized. There's so much noise in the shot from the nets and the motion blur that RotoBrush will not track anything but a single frame. You are going to have to cut out your actor by hand and rebuild the background and adjust the position, rotation and scale by hand a frame at a time. Don't count on making any money on this shot. There isn't enough detail anywhere in this shot to even stabilize the shot to make it easier to roto. I tried.


              If it were my project I would either leave out this shot or roto the actor, throw in a bunch of lighting effects and completely forget reality to turn this shot into a graphic instead of a movie.

              Screen Shot 2014-11-02 at 11.14.01 PM.png

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                Juk3r Level 1

                thats what i think, I also knew thats impossible to work out for this shot, i just want to ask some other ppl. maybe they have better ideas. well thank u so much for giving me a good respond.