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    info and differences?

    bford225 Level 1

      Hi i was wondering what is the difference between adobe ideas and the new draw and line app? and will adobe draw and line be replacing ideas? and will draw and line come to phone version soon? i have played with ideas before, its an okay app.  but my skill is photography editing. i am self teaching my self drawing.  i noticed on ideas my vectors were all wacky , but with draw i  can make no mistakes so far. using the shapes tool and i love the add in for the ruler. the ruler is a cool way. the built in ruler.  i am planing to back to school and take graphic design, and hoping soon that schools will be using them in there work flow.



      i dont think draw needs to be changed. but udpdated.


      now i do have a question as in can you import illustrator files from desktop to draw and line? i do know you can not do so with ides.


      that would be the biggest change.


      should i be using draw and line more than ideas? espicaly with having a hard time drawing. my drawing looks like kids work when using with adobe ideas.