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    website design?

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      Hi i am a photographer graduate, but  i have used dreamweaver cs4 to design class web sites. now i am using muse and dreamweaver cc. i just recently in last year found out that photo shop is not just a image editor anymore, in the latest update, photoshop can do more, such as make web site ideas,  and video. what else can photo shop do that i as a photographer  i dont know about? i have decided to go back to school for my BA. but also add graphic design and video certificates  as minor. photography is going to be my main goal. but on the side i would like to learn how to use photo shop for other than just image editing.  what do i need to know?   and how can i find the resource to do so, to self teach myself these elements.? in the past. taechers have said design is your weak point. but photography is your strong point, i have the eye for images.


      also whats the difference in the following? photo shop touch, mix and sketch.


      will mix and sketch replace photo shop touch?


      also if photo shop touch stays.  can it be used for web design as well for on the go?


      all i am trying to do is use the same tools but not just for image editing, and start doing things that graphic designers, video, mix media, gamers do


      multi media artist is something i am thinking of rebranding myself as.